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Order For Your Nicer Dicer and Manual Blender/Grater and Get a Self Strring Mug for Free

These nicer dicer and manual blender are popular kitchen appliances used for chopping, dicing, and slicing fruits and vegetables in regular shapes and sizes.The Nicer Dicer offers a wide range of cutting options, from small dices to julienne slices and even grating. Its versatility allows users to prepare a variety of dishes with ease.


  • Multi-chopper set; cut, dice, grate, slice
  • 11 different cutting variations to choose from
  • 5 different inserts
  • Cut into cubes or sticks in 3 different sizes
  • Ultra-sharp bladess made of stainless steel
  • Easy cleaning
  • Safe transport and storage of food with the fresh-keeping lid
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1 set of nicer dicer + manual hand chopper


2 set of nicer dicer + manual hand chooper


Each set of the Nicer Dicer + Manual Blender comes with a self strring mug for free